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Here at Miss Green we design clothes that we love to wear ourselves: elegant dresses, hip pants, lovely tops and cozy knitwear. Each one comfortable, soft, individual and high quality. We work as we live, with love and respect for the world and people around us.

Sound good? Then you’ll love Miss Green.


Maaike Groen founded Miss Green in 2008. Sustainable and fair business practice was self-evident for her, but still quite unique in those days. Since then, she has seen Miss Green grow into a fully-fledged fashion label with an extensive collection. And not only that, she is one of the Netherlands' leaders when it comes to sustainability and equitable production. Maaike decided to take a small break this summer to focus on new plans. 


We make clothing with love and respect for the world and people around us. People making our clothes earn a fair salary and enjoy good working conditions. We only manufacture in European and Indian workshops with a GOTS certificate and the SA8000 standard, which means they maintain sustainable production methods. No harmful chemicals are used during the production process and organic fabrics are used as much as possible. These are treated in a responsible manner, with a minimal use of water. Besides all these standards and certificates, we also especially rely on our gut feeling. Hence we regularly visit our factories and workshops. Not only to view and select fabrics, but, above all, to catch up with the people who make Miss Green.

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